Installation and the basics of terminal use

After the successfull installation of xubuntu 12.04 the laptop finally boots into the xfce desktop enviroment. So what to do next? Do this first in Xubuntu has you covered. I also read through the mentioned “14 bug solutions” and the “10 mistakes you should avoid”. So basically I am all setup for further experiments with xubuntu now. Did all the updating and so forth, decreased swappiness. So I started playing around with customizing my desktop a little, little bit by installing another dock. I choose Docky simply because I dont know, it looked good on some forum post. Simply sudo apt-get install docky and the little thing gets installed right to your system. Configuration is not that hard but remember to enable “display compositing” in the “Window manager tweaks” system settings. It looks better!

I already had some linux experience way back, so I knew some terminal commands but I forgot most of them or didn’t remember them correctly. So I had to google a bit and found this really nice help. It lists the basic terminal commands and explains what they do. So kinda like a man page for terminal use. Also this: How to use linux! Keep this in mind if wanna familiarize yourself with linux. I throw my laptop under the cupboard every now and then simply because it doesn’t help if get to caught up in projects and start yelling at the screen out of my own incompetence.


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